Care Guide – Cavendish-Tagg™ Great Britain


Wash & Care Instructions:

Wash as cotton at 60 degrees maximum.

A low concentrate detergent is recommended and ironing whilst the fabric is still damp, on the reverse side of all embroidered areas.

Do NOT bleach or dry clean. Suitable for tumble dry and hot iron.

The Cavendish-Tagg™ range of bed linens are sensitively and passionately woven from the world’s finest cottons. With care and attention, they will last for many years.

The Cavendish-Tagg™ linens are planet Earth’s finest natural fibres, lending themselves to machine wash at home but still always requiring attention to the care labels on each linen.

Many Egyptian and Supima cotton experts suggest a pre-wash prior to use as it will settle the natural fibre threads and therefore prolong the natural luxury of the material. This is a totally personal preference and certainly not essential.

Fabric Softener

Fabric softeners are not recommended for fine linens. Natural fine linens such as the Cavendish-Tagg™ range of 100% pure Egyptian or Supima cottons will soften “naturally” and give long lasting strength and durability with recommended washings instructions.

Rotational Use

Cavendish-Tagg™ always recommend, where possible, using sets of linen in rotation. This allows the natural fibres of the world’s best cottons to rest in between use and washes. This will also prolong their strength, brightness, softness and durability.

Buttons & Fasteners

The Cavendish-Tagg™ buttons and fasteners are made from very high quality materials such as mother of pearl. Care should be taken when pulling duvets into the Cavendish-Tagg™ duvets covers and pillow cases.

Laundering Fine Linens

Totally natural fibres should not be laundered with other items, especially those containing polyester and similar material items. Such other items can damage natural fibres and fabric. Also, overloading a washing machine can cause unnecessary stress on the natural fabrics.

Machine Washing

Always check and follow the care label before laundering. Make sure that light and dark colours are washed separately. Most good to exceptional quality linens can be washed on a gentle cycle in warm water and a cold-water rinse. Any stains can be pre-treated prior to washing but not with a bleach or bleach based product. Bleach is harsh on cottons and natural fibres and can damage the colour and texture of the linen.

Only use a mild and small amount of detergent, without added bleach, whiteners or fabric softeners. Any detergent should only be added to the water and never poured directly onto the linen.

Wash your Cavendish-Tagg™ linen weekly and reduce wear and tear by alternating your sheets for a fresh set once a week. This prolongs the longevity of the natural fibres.


Drying natural linen fibres outdoors in soft gentle sunshine is ideal, after all that what they are used to. The sun also provides natural bleaching. However, we all know that this is not always possible or practicable. Therefore prior to any machine drying, gently shake out and smooth out damp linens before putting into a tumble dryer, making sure you do not overload the dryer. It is advisable to dry on a low heat as this will decrease the chances of shrinkage of the natural fibres. Natural fibres should never be dried on a high heat.


Always make sure the iron face is clean. You should try and iron natural fibres whilst slightly damp. Using a steam iron, cotton should be ironed on a warm/hot setting, whilst linen on a hot setting. Making sure ironing only takes the required minimum time. Water spraying is encouraged to iron out wrinkles and prevent burning.

Cavendish-Tagg™ linens have a 3-dimensional effect cording trim as its unique brand identity. To preserve the effect of the cording trim, always iron on its reverse which protects its design and prolongs its longevity.

Storage of Cavendish-Tagg™ natural fibres

All natural fibres need to breathe and should always be kept in cool, dry and well ventilated areas. If you are storing natural fibres, avoid doing so in plastic bags. They should be stored in cotton or muslin.

Enjoy the pleasures of Cavendish-Tagg™ exquisite bed linen

“ Quite possibly the finest bed linen in the world ! “